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Frequently asked questions

What file formats are supported?

As of right now, .gif, .gifv, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif image formats are supported. They can either be static or moving images.

Is there a maximum size these files can be?

No. But we STRONGLY suggest images no larger than 10mb (~5mb is good). Images that are too large can take a long time to load.

I found gifs online but they are formatted as .webm or .mp4, what’s the difference and why can’t I store it?

Some online services now convert gifs into video formats (9GAG does this). In order to prevent loading issues, you CANNOT store .webm or .mp4 formats on myGIFs. You CAN, however, convert them to gifs quickly using imgur’s tool (make them no longer than 5 seconds or else the file will be very large).

Can I upload my own gif?

Unfortunately, our service currently only takes existing gifs online and stores its link on your account. If you want to, you can upload it to imgur and save the uploaded image link to myGIFs.

I forgot my username or password, can I get it back?

No. There’s no email attached to your account, so there’s no way to restore your account information. Please remember your usernames and passwords!

How can I join beta testing, and when does it end?

Anybody can join! Register here and meme away! There’s no timetable yet for official release, but I’m working on newer and better features alongside add-ons (incoming Chrome extension!).

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